I love all of the Prophetique Products I have tried, thus far. It’s great knowing that not only am I improving the appearance of my skin, but I’m also nourishing it as well. The skincare and make-up are top notch. The colors are always current, and there is always a wide variety to choose from. The best part of Prophetique is Monica! I love that I can look on her Facebook page and get tips on how to use the products, or just a message from her that might uplift me through the day. She truly cares about people, and her products which is a rare combination in today’s world. In short, I love the products and her message! It’s a win-win!


Lisa Feaster

She is Enough. Living her dreams to give hope to the dreamers.

She is Enough. Confidently calling Beauty to shine for one and for all.

Makeup with a Message. You are Enough.

We live in a world where we often work hard at covering ourselves up. We hide our flaws, insecurities, and traits that MAKE UP who we are creatively and uniquely designed to be. Prophetique is not another MAKEUP line. It is a Movement. A call to uncover and  accentuate our individual beauty. It’s time to MAKE UP for lost time and Shine!!! Thank you, Monica Huseby, for adding color to the lives of so many.

As a baker who takes time with the details like color, texture, and ingredients, you have personally created a recipe for Beauty with Prophetique. Your main ingredients bring a sprinkle of hope, a pinch of color, a dash of beauty, and a cup of love. May every woman take your recipe and give it freely. And when the world wears your makeup, may they wear the message of it on their hearts!


Tabitha ~ Owner of Jane of All Trades

Shine. Illuminate. Infusion.

There is only one makeup line that takes the light inside of you to illuminate the world around you. After one session with Monica, you not only know that you are beautiful, but you discover you’ve been that way the whole time.

Welcome to a new breed of makeup—an infusion of healthy ingredients for your skin that brings out the natural glow of your soul.

This is Prophetique. Helping you see what’s been there the whole time. YOU.


Stacey March ~ Cpep Alive

Just like the tree in the famous children’s book, The Giving Tree, Monica finds JOY in giving to others.  She is unselfish in her pursuit to teach every child and woman that God has made you in His image and you are enough.  Through her beautiful and useful everyday makeup products, Monica is spreading hope, joy and love.  Join her movement and be reminded each day as you enhance your natural beauty that you are helping Monica to change the lives of many who need to hear “they are enough!”.

Monica has worked unselfishly to formulate products that help to enhance the natural beauty God gave you.  Her message is strong.  She gives hope, joy and love to every girl and woman she meets.  She wants you to know that “You are enough!’.  Using her products reminds me daily of God’s love for each of our unique qualities and I’m so thankful for Monica for continuing to remind me of this valuable life lesson!


Karen Salthouse

Monica, a dear friend of mine. A woman I know I can always look up to, and always count on. I’ve known her for quite a few years now, and have only grown closer and stronger with her. It all started out with her being my table leader in church, she was always a strong woman that I looked up to, and I thought so highly of. She has the greatest heart, one that has taken her very far. As far as coming up with her own makeup line! I’m so very proud of her and her accomplishments, and it only makes it greater that she did this on her own, with the loving support of her awesome family. Although her and I do not talk all the time I do know she is always there, and always has been. I’m so grateful she is able to do this, and it has made it so far. I’m glad all of you get to work with this wonderful woman, and can go to her with questions.

For her makeup line, I love it. I got to try it out with her when she did my friends and my makeup for our senior homecoming, not only did I love the makeup she did a wonderful job on us! She is very passionate in what she does, and that makes it all the more better. Her makeup feels very light on the face, but stands out and makes its appearance!

I’m very proud of Monica and I’m glad she gets to do this. I hope you all who get to try this enjoy it, and I hope only the best of wishes for Monica herself! Love you much!


Rachael Biche

The first time Monica did my makeup was my sophomore year homecoming. I was insecure because I had acne, but Monica reassured me that everyone had acne and that it was nothing to be ashamed of, and once my makeup was finished I felt like a movie star. After that day, I relied on Monica to do my makeup for every formal event, and I felt absolutely stunning every time she did it. She never does too little or too much; she always makes me feel beautiful by enhancing my natural beauty. Her business has made me realize that makeup is not something to use to hide my insecurities, but rather to display my own personal uniqueness and be comfortable with who I am. I am forever grateful to Monica for all of the guidance and tips she’s given me not only for makeup but for being happy with myself in general. Thank you, Monica!


Lane McElroy

Jason and April of Second Look Studio have been proud to collaborate professionally and enjoy friendship with Monica for several years now. They love the Prophetique line and are delighted to endorse and be a retail location for her products!

Monica has consistently demonstrated her skill with makeup application for formal events as well as everyday wear. She pays  attention to detail and has the ability to personalize each makeup application based on client preferences. Her love of what she does is evident in the end results!


April Carter and Jason Holloway of Second Look Studio